Eradicating Poverty

Absolute poverty in Mauritius can be eradicated in one generation. The problem is that families are locked in a poverty trap: disadvantaged children are poorly educated, their parents fail to encourage them and are inadequate role models, consequently the children grow up to be socially dysfunctional adults. In the past, interventions have concentrated on trying to make parents more responsible and placing their children in special schools such as Zone Education Prioritaire (ZEP). Re-educating parents is extremely difficult and any progress made with the children is undermined by their home environments.

We propose special schools for children from disadvantaged backgrounds where they will stay during the week as boarders. By ensuring that they remain within the school premises for at least five days per week, the cycle of parents passing on socially dysfunctional attitudes and behaviours will be interrupted, without breaking family bonds.

Kreol in Schools

Submission from “We Love Mauritius” (WeLuvMu) at the request of the Ministry of Education on the subject of:

The Introduction of Kreol Language in Schools

We Love Mauritius” is a charitable Mauritian NGO, operating, amongst others, in the field of human rights. We have responded to the invitation to submit views on the introduction of Kreol in schools by organising a virtual focus group to canvas the views of our members who are interested in the subject. We highlight the opinions that were expressed and then move on to a detailed analysis of the issues involved that attempts both to encompass and reflect these opinions and also shed new light on the debate.