Tourism and Leisure

Tourism and Leisure

Tourism Strategy

In 2009, We Love Mauritius posed a number of questions to Xavier Duval, then Minister of Tourism and Leisure, about his strategy for the sector. Our purpose was to ascertain its compatibility with the Prime Minister's vision of Maurice Ile Durable. He delegated the Ministry's response to Sunil Kowlessur, Principle Tourism Planner. Here is what he had to say along with our assessments.

Sailing into History

In November 2008, Zac Sunderland visited Mauritius half way through his successful bid to be the youngest person ever to circumnavigate the world single-handed. As reported in the Weekend newspaper he told children at the Grand Baie Youth Sailing Club: “I wish to see a Mauritian do better than me”. However, this seems an impossible dream since only a very few lucky Mauritians are taught how to sail dinghies and there is no formal training at all for offshore yachting.

But are there good reasons to try to make Zac's wish a reality? We believe there are, so how can we achieve it?

Disappearing Beaches

What is happening to our beaches? Some are predicting that within a matter of decades they will all be eroded away. After one storm, the beach at Pointe aux Canonniers had lost an enormous amount of sand, making the predictions seem true. However, within weeks the sand was returning and the beach getting back to normal.

By thinking of our beaches as part of the mainland, we try to prevent them eroding by using many of the same methods. However, if beaches are significantly different, is it possible that we might be doing more harm than good?